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Your Miracles Are In The Time You Have Left

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

It’s 2019! Can you believe it?

How was your 2018?

The emotion that resonates with me is GRATITUDE when I think about the new year. The past year was full of peaks and valleys but there’s nothing better than having 365 new days and new chances to live, learn, love and serve. 

Did you accomplish your goals? 

I learned that consistency creates opportunity.  Doors began to open the more I networked, and shared my experience. Good things will happen if you stay the course.  I was able to speak at conferences locally and out of state, renew a year-long consulting contract with a school district, serve as a mentor, facilitate several diversity trainings to a group of Public Defenders, serve as a guest on two radio shows and a podcast, facilitate an online workshop with a well-known platform and attend at least 2 networking events a month.  It was quite a year.

Do you believe there is more out there for you? If you believe it, what are you going to do about it?

Most of us want to lead a fulfilling life that allows us to earn a living and positively impact the lives of others.  As someone who has transitioned careers as well as experienced four corporate relocations to four states, I understand change, rebuilding, and adjusting. I’ve discovered what it takes to manage a smooth transition.

When my kids were younger and even now, one of my priorities is to be available to them throughout their developmental years.  Flexibility in my work schedule has always been important to me. Over the years, I’ve been able to create a consulting and coaching business that affords me the freedom that I wanted so badly.  We’ve also built a real estate business that provides another stream of income. 

I share that with you not to boast but to give you some perspective on my journey and my story.  We all have our own unique story.  The journey has not been easy but I’ve managed to carve out a life that works for me and my family and I’d like to help you do the same.

My challenge to you is to take time to think about what you want for your life?  TD Jakes says your miracles are not in your yesterdays but in the time you have left. 

Do you want a promotion, to relocate, change careers, start a business, or work from home?  Whatever it is, there’s no quick fix.  Join my Speak to Your Heart Career Mentoring Class if you need support and guidance.  The class is designed to help you gain clarity and create a plan.  Click here if you’d like details about the class.  The class registration will only remain open for the next few days.

If you prefer short-term coaching, click here to explore other services. Let’s get to the heart of what YOU really want.  I have compassion for people who need a boost in some way or need help gaining clarity.  I’ve been there. I don’t have all of the answers and there’s no magic formula, but we’ll dig deep in order to determine the best path for your journey.  

All The Best in 2019!



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