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Community You Can Count On

When you find a community that offers support, networking, business advice, new opportunities, and advocacy, stay close. I have found that with the International Association of Women (IAW).

I was thrilled when IAW reached out to invite me to be an Influencer within the organization. They recognize the impact that I'm having on the community and the world. Being an influencer is an opportunity to grow your business and to further expand your visibility by speaking on IAW global platforms. As the lovely plaque says that I received in the mail from IAW, I'm proud to be a"woman who holds up half the sky".

Visit the IAW blog page HERE to read about the featured member. I wonder who that could be. Yes, you are correct. It's me, yours truly.

If you're not a member, consider joining IAW. There are local chapters across the country. Click HERE to learn more about IAW.


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