My name is Monique C. Johnson, D.Ed. (she/her) and I am the founder of Dr. MCJ Consulting. As a Board-Certified Counselor, Certified Career Coach, and Diversity Consultant, I’ve dedicated my career to helping individuals, executives and professional teams overcome challenges to reach their goals.  When working with my clients, I draw on a deep understanding and professional experience of career development, diversity, inclusion, equity, and leadership to impart strategies that open doors, break barriers, and elevate their game.


Together, we identify strengths, reflect on past experiences, network, and create action plans with clear steps towards success.  In addition, I have demonstrated experience working with organizations to diversify their workplace cultures through inclusive planning, training, recruitment, and retention. No matter the project or cause, I am passionate about empowering people and organizations—impacting positive change from the outside in and the inside out.


In addition to my work as a consultant and coach, I co-host the Virtual series, Raising Our Voices, to address specific issues related to motherhood, career development, health, and wellness.   It’s a project I’m very proud of because it allows me to connect with so many incredible women. I also own and run a real estate investment business with my husband.  While much different than my consulting work, it’s been a great way to support and connect with the community.


Before starting my own business, I weathered big changes in my own career, including several corporate relocations in four separate states. These experiences, both as a professional and as a mother moving my family, were pivotal for truly “getting” the challenges associated with navigating new relationships, unfamiliar environments, and the quest for professional/personal fulfillment.


Over the years, I’ve held titles such as Assistant Dean, Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Program Director, and now an Entrepreneur. With over 25 years of experience, I know very well the career challenges faced by so many women.  To do my part to encourage growth and transformation, I continue to teach, mentor, and live by the philosophy, “start now and modify as you go.”


In my free time, I love traveling, DIY projects, learning, and spending time with my family. I'm also a proud mom to 3 awesome young adults. 


I can’t wait to meet you and talk about where you want to go and how I can help you get there!  Schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss how I can meet your needs. 

"Your miracles are not in your yesterdays but in the        time you have left."

– T.D. Jakes

Credentials Include:

Ed.D. Counselor Education: Focus in Higher Education Administration,

Minor Human Resource Development,

The Pennsylvania State University

M.Ed. Counselor Education: College Student Personnel,

he Pennsylvania State University

B.A., Mass Communications, University of Massachusetts


Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS)

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Media Mentions

If you're ready to work with MCJ Consulting but have questions, schedule a free call for additional information.  
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