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About Us


Dr. MCJ Consulting LLC believes that both organizations and individuals are capable of transformation and positive change.  We embrace a holistic approach with our career coaching clients because we recognize the breadth of unique talent, experiences, and needs.  We also offer consulting services that enable us to partner with organizations that value diversity, equity, and inclusion and are ready to strategically embed practices that promote belonging and a workplace culture that transcends.  We help our clients to grow from the inside out through group and individual coaching, interactive workshops, and data-based consulting services.  Dr. MCJ Consulting LLC is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business. 

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Dr. Monique C. Johnson

Founder & CEO




My name is Monique C. Johnson (she/her) and I am the founder of Dr. MCJ Consulting, LLC. As an Author, Executive and Leadership Coach, Board-Certified Counselor, ICF Certified Professional Coach, Certified Career Coach, and Diversity, Equity &  Inclusion Consultant, I’ve dedicated my career to supporting individuals, executives, and professional teams to overcome challenges and reach their goals.  When working with my clients, I draw on a deep understanding and professional experience of career development and change, as well as promote diverse and inclusive environments.


Together, we identify strengths, reflect on past experiences, and create action plans with clear steps towards success.  In addition, I have demonstrated experience working with schools and organizations to diversify their workplace cultures through inclusive planning, training, program development, strategic planning, recruitment, talent acquisition, and retention initiatives. No matter the project or cause, I am passionate about creating safe spaces that empower people and organizations as well as impact positive change from the inside out and the outside in.

My Journey

Before starting my own business, I weathered big changes in my own career, including several corporate relocations to four different states. These experiences, both as a professional and as a mother moving my family, were pivotal for truly “getting” the challenges associated with navigating new relationships, unfamiliar environments, and the quest for professional/personal fulfillment.

In addition to my work as a Coach and Consultant, I also co-own and run a real estate investment and property management business.  While much different than my consulting work, it’s been a great way to build a legacy for my family while supporting and connecting with the community.

Over the years, I’ve worked in roles as a Career Services Administrator in Higher Education, Assistant Academic Dean, Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Program Director, Adjunct Professor, and now an Entrepreneur. With over 25 years of experience, I know very well the career challenges faced by many especially women.

I'm currently serving as the Chair-Elect on the Credentialing Commission for the National Career Development Association. In 2021, I was selected as the Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS) Commissioner with the NCDA Credentialing Commission for a three-year term.  This credential recognizes highly experienced career service, professionals.

To do my part to encourage growth and transformation, I continue to teach, mentor, and live by the philosophy, “start now and modify as you go.”

I hold a BA from the University of Massachusetts and an M.Ed. and Ed.D. from Pennsylvania State University respectively.  


In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband of 25 years and my talented 3 young adult children.  Travel, DIY projects, reading a good book, mentoring, and learning something new are activities that bring me joy. 


I look forward to supporting you on your journey to fulfilling your hopes and dreams.  Schedule a free 30-minute call to discuss how I can meet your needs. 

"Your miracles are not in your yesterdays but in the        time you have left."

– T.D. Jakes

Listen, Embrace, Affirm & Decide (L.E.A.D.)

Listen: It's important to be coachable but also to listen to yourself.  It's time to pursue opportunities that speak to your heart and to earn the income you deserve. We focus on your background, skills, interests, goals, and desires. 

Embrace: Before you embrace anything, you must first consider what might be holding you back.  After gaining clarity, you will be well on your way to pursuing that job, career or promotion that you desire.

Affirm: Now that you have embraced your goals with conviction, affirm your next steps with confidence.  It's time to create a plan and take action.  Go after it!


Decide: You are now prepared to make an informed decision. You decide on your goals.  It will require intention and action.  It's your life and you are in control.

Coaching Approach

Four Guiding Principles

You have a lot to offer and it's time to live the life you want for yourself. 

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Dr. Monique C. Johnson's Speaker Highlights


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Ursula B.

President, Business and Professional Women, Ohio 

Monique gave an uplifting presentation on diversity in the workplace during National Business Women’s Week.  She introduced how each of us can do our P. A.R.T. to Promote Acceptance Respect, and Teamwork in order to make inclusion a success in the workplace and beyond.  Monique is definitely an outstanding leader in this field.

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JoVonne W.

Communications Coach, Entrepreneur, Ohio

Monique is an authority in Diversity and Career consulting.  Her experience and first-hand knowledge in both industries are bar none.  She is one professional you can depend on to execute and provide resources with excellence.

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Myles B.

College Graduate, Class of 2020, GA

“Dr. Johnson is very hands-on when it comes to working with you on your resume. She gets to know you, which helps when it comes to making your resume complement your personality. My resume has improved significantly from where it was before I used her services.”

If you're ready to work with Monique but have questions, schedule a free call for additional information.  
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