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Small Mindset Changes for
Big Results

#1 Best Seller on Amazon

Micro Shift was written to bring to light areas of limiting beliefs we all experience and to introduce practical strategies to make small mindset shifts within ourselves. Those shifts are called Micro Shifts. It’s often the small consistent changes that help us to overcome some of our biggest challenges.  This is a resource guide with stories, lessons, and journal prompts to help you move confidently towards what brings you joy.

This book provides a variety of diverse experiences and coaching from:

  • Living limitlessly

  • Silencing your inner critic

  • Finding unabandoned joy and gratitude in your life

  • Reimagining your own performance in order to perform at your personal best

  • Trailblazing through your life – both personally and in your career

  • Turning your childhood (or life trauma) into your purpose and superpower.


Each carefully crafted chapter has thoughtfully curated exercises and workbooks to inspire you.  

For a signed copy of the book, add the book recipient's name (if necessary) to the note section at checkout.  

$19.99 Plus Shipping and Handling
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Monique C. Johnson, Ed. D., NCC, CMCS is the Founder and CEO of Dr. MCJ Consulting and Coaching LLC.  She’s a Consultant, Coach, National Certified Counselor, and Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS) who provides career development, diversity and inclusion, and leadership services.  She currently serves as the CMCS Commissioner on the Credentialing Commission for the National Career Development Association (NCDA).  Dr. Johnson is passionate about empowering individuals to find fulfilling work that speaks to their hearts and meets their needs.  She also provides diversity consulting to schools, organizations, non-profits, and corporations that are committed to nurturing and developing diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments, services, and products.  Over the years, Monique has experienced her own shifts which inspires her to support others on their career journey. Outside of work, she enjoys DIY projects, traveling with her family, and engaging in personal growth and development activities.

$19.99 Plus Shipping and Handling
Please allow 5-7 days for shipping.

“Micro Shift was an easy read and all six authors motivated me to keep reading.  The book is a great example of why inclusion is so important.  We need to hear different views and experiences because sharing diverse thoughts can help us to deal with triggers and challenges in our lives. Knowing when and how to handle a challenge can be overwhelming because we live in such a microwaveable age.”

~Rosemary G.
Retired Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Houston, TX

“Much of what you discuss in your chapter will be really helpful for the women we work with within our Transitional Housing program. We also have support groups geared toward transition and moving forward.”

~ Sandra B.
Program Director

Boston, MA

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