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Smart, Talented Trailblazers with Dr. Angelique Adams

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

In this episode, Monique chats with Dr. Angelique Adams, Chief Innovation Officer at Aperam, a global player in stainless steel, electrical, and specialty markets, and the world's greenest stainless steel producer.

Angelique went from being laughed at when she told a professor that she wanted to pursue a Ph.D., to leading hundreds of scientists around the world. She has lectured and advised leaders in the industry, academia, and the nonprofit sector.

For over a decade now, she has been a sought-after career mentor and coach, especially for women and people of color. She also created the You're More Than a Diversity Hire book series in order to add to the resources available for her advisees.

Not only is she at the top of her game, she cares deeply about her work and supports smart, talented trailblazers like you. Angelique is a global leader dividing her time between France and the United States.

She and I connected via LinkedIn and realized we both graduated from Penn State.

Update: After more than 20 years in corporate innovation she discovered her true passion is developing people, not products. As of April 2021, she is now a full time media entrepreneur.

She's an inspiration. Listen in as Dr. Adams shares some of her story with us.

Listen to this episode HERE

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