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Micro Shifts, Small Mindset Changes for Big Results

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Do you need help getting unstuck? Are you looking for simple ways to fix your mindset?

There's no better way to start 2022 than to work on your mindset. These are challenging times and we all could use a boost.

The Reset Co and Influence Network Media are excited to introduce, Micro Shift, Small Mindset Changes for Big Results. Reset Co. founded by Kendra Ramirez is a growth-oriented community committed to developing a healthy mindset. As we know, mindset can get in the way of achieving our goals.

Mindset impacts everything we do in life. How we view a situation and what we tell ourselves about that situation can make or break us. It impacts relationships, our confidence, our career and so much more. What we believe makes all the difference.

Dr. Monique has joined five co-authors who share a part of their own journey and expertise.

Each author shares their own personal insights and stories to help you get unstuck!

Dr. Monique's chapter focuses on career transition. It's packed with strategies and tips. It provides some basic mindset concepts to start you on your journey. To learn more about the Micro Shift book, join our VIP mailing list here to receive updates. The launch date is set for February 18, 2022. Be sure to get your copy. Email me at for additional information.

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