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Make It Work Or Else with Dr. Kristilynn Turney

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

In episode 5 of the Careers Evolve Podcast, I interviewed Dr. Kristilynn Turney. We met a few years ago at a conference in Kentucky. She inquired about my consulting services for the school district she was working with at the time. I worked with them for about two years. Fast forward to now and she is an entrepreneur who provides consulting services.

Dr. Kristilynn Turney is the CEO and Founder of Dr. Kristilynn Turney, LLC and EdPD Unlimited, LLC. She specializes in Diversity Consulting, Educational Leadership, and School Improvement.

Dr. Turney has served in public education for 20 years in the Greater Cincinnati and

Dayton areas. She began her career as an English, Theatre, and Public Speaking Teacher.

She was also a School Improvement Consultant and Literacy Coach for Hamilton County

Educational Service Center then Assistant Principal at Winton Woods High School. In 2012, Dr. Turney became the first African-American Principal at Fairfield Middle School and in 2014, she became the first African-American Principal and only the third female Principal at Colerain High School. She ended her career in public education as a district level administrator where she was a curriculum director and human resources/diversity director. She maintains Ohio Education Licenses in: All Communications (7-12), Principal (5-12), and Superintendent ( P-12).

Currently, Dr. Turney works with public and charter schools in the Greater Cincinnati area on

Diversity and Inclusion Practices, School Improvement, and Leadership.

After having held Teacher and Principal roles, she ended her career as a district-level administrator. Two years ago she embraced entrepreneurship and lives by the philosophy "make it work or else".

Dr. Turney is the author of the journal book: Inspiration and Reflections for the School Leader. This is a very timely book as we navigate school and life during a pandemic. Her book is now available on Amazon.

Listen to this episode HERE.

You can find Dr. Turney online in the areas noted below.

Instagram: @drkristilynn

Twitter: @drkristilynn

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