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Keep Moving Forward with Licia Thompson

In episode 7, Monique speaks with special guest Licia Thompson. Licia is a Leadership, Transition, Clarity, and Confidence Coach and Consultant. She shares her career journey from journalism to entrepreneurship. It's quite a journey that leads her to a long-standing career in Corporate Risk Management. Her career progression in leadership over two decades in a Corporate Risk Management department to Workers' Compensation Director of Manager Care and Return to Work speaks to her strong track record of leadership.

Licia and I met a couple of times through a mutual acquaintance. The second time we met was at a vision board party. As entrepreneurs, we've shared notes and supported one another on this journey. I was honored that she agreed to be one of my season one podcast guests.

She's an example of how a 20 plus year career with the same organization can lead to great experiences. Just a few short years ago, she decided it was time to transition to a career where she is using her skills to consult as well as coach others to a position of leadership, clarity, and confidence professionally and personally. If you know anything about transition, it's not always easy. What I love about Licia is that she speaks from experience. She has done the work.

Her calming spirit and focus are truly assets that move people to the next level. If you are considering a major pivot or shift in your career, listen to this episode. Licia shares some valuable mindset tips that provide insight and new perspectives.

Listen to this episode HERE.

Contact Information:

Licia Thompson Coaching & Consulting, LLC

(513) 445-8363

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