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Career Change: Consider These 3 Personal Pillars

Are you considering a career change? The thought can be overwhelming due to all of the factors that must be taken into consideration. You have responsibilities and people depending on you in some cases. You can’t just make a leap without doing some soul searching, networking and information gathering.

Career change may mean different things to different people. It could mean moving to a new occupational group, advancing into a higher-level position or going to work for another company. It all depends on your goals.

There are a number of factors that are worth considering when contemplating any type of career transition. Your life circumstances are an essential part of the equation and cannot be left out. You are a whole person and that means that you can’t consider your career change without examining how it may impact other parts of your life. It’s a big decision not to be taken lightly.

There are three key personal pillars recommended for exploration as you prepare for a potential career change.

1. Relationships

How will this career change impact your relationships?

Your relationships are a big part of your life. Each situation is unique. Are you married with children, a single parent, single individual, caring for an aging parent, in a relationship or close to extended family? All of those dynamics matter. If you are the primary breadwinner in the household, your decision will impact the entire family. It could involve relocation to another state, less quality time and more or less income. Ultimately, your decision may influence your quality of life as well as those you love. Carefully weigh all of the factors and what is most important to you and those you love in this transition.

2. Personal Fulfillment

How will this career change satisfy your own personal fulfillment?

Are you no longer satisfied with your job? You find your work boring, meaningless, stressful or a toxic environment. All good reasons to begin to explore other options. Don’t allow yourself to be miserable for an extended period of time.

There are risks associated with any major life change, but you’ll never know the rewards if you don’t step out there. Do your homework. Listen to your inner self by exploring your interests, abilities and values. Consider working with a Career Coach to help you create an action plan in order to make an informed decision. Informed decisions increase your chances of feeling secure and fulfilled.

3. Environment

What type of environment works best for you?

You’ve heard it before. Know yourself. Part of that includes knowing what type of work environment works best for your personality. Do you enjoy working in an office with a team, alone in a quiet space or being out in the community? Does entrepreneurship appeal to you?

Visit websites to learn about an organization, talk to your contacts, and ask current employees for their assessment of the environment. You want to learn as much as you can to determine if this is the best fit for you. Be honest with yourself and own the fact that certain environments do not work for you.

A career change is your decision and a very personal one. Whether pursuing this on your own or working with a Career Professional, it’s expected that you will consider all sides of yourself. We can’t separate the career from the individual and the individual from the career. Your work is a big part of your life and there is nothing wrong with wanting more.

January is a great time to job search believe it or not. New budget cycles begin then, so take a look around to see what's available.

If you need support as you think about a potential career decision and it’s impact on the three pillars, schedule a no cost consultation. Here

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