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Our mission is to help organizations and individuals who seek guidance in the area of career development, diversity, equity and inclusion, and leadership. We help you to open doors and break barriers.
Do any of these statements below describe your current status?

You are in the midst of a career transition. 

If the answer is yes, Dr. MCJ Consulting can help.
Hello! I'm Monique C. Johnson
Career Strategist, Diversity Consultant, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Are you at a crossroad and you know it's time to do something different?  As the Principal Consultant and Certified Career Coach, one thing I understand is transition.  We grow, we learn and we change.  It's a natural part of human growth and development.  If it's time to pivot, I can guide you on that journey.


I've experienced a few career transitions of my own and I survived. In fact, I not only survived but I was determined to thrive.  If you're ready to do the work let's explore and pursue the possibilities that exist for you.    

Beyond that, let's create a plan that transforms the possibilities into opportunities that serve you AND add value to the world.  

In addition to helping individuals find work that feeds their spirit, we provide diversity consulting services to schools, organizations, non-profits, and corporations who are committed to nurturing and developing diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments, services and products.   

 “One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”
― Shannon L. Alder
We offer services that transform.
Career Coaching

Short and long term coaching services include and cover all things career such as resume, interview, job search, career assessment, and interpretation, leveling up, and transition.  As a Certified Master of Career Services (CMCS), Monique works with entry-level through senior-level professionals from exploration to implementation.  You can always count on personal, individualized attention unique to your needs.  Click here to learn more

Diversity Consulting

Our goal is to partner with you to create a custom plan that builds and sustains a diverse and inclusive culture.  We can help you create a strategic plan, develop support systems, facilitate focus groups, provide training, develop recruitment and retention goals and strategies, create programs and assess your organizational culture. We will work closely with you to meet your needs and develop best practices for your leadership. 

Training & Speaking

Training and development is our core competency.  We will facilitate interactive workshops on a variety of topics centered around career management and diversity and inclusion.  The professional development sessions are designed to be engaging and to promote critical thinking. In addition, Monique would be honored to serve as a speaker at your conference, college, university or special event.

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Testimonials & Past Audiences

Monique is a lifesaver for those who are involved in building and launching their own consulting business successfully. With a combination of her extraordinary level of knowledge, experience, resources, and professionalism, her coaching provided much insight for me as I was launching my own consulting business. I was also thoroughly impressed with her interpersonal approach catered to my needs. As a result, I have increased my client pool by 50% after restrategizing my professional branding. She truly is passionate and values those on a path to transform into their very best. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking career coaching!"

Marreya B.

Consultant Artist | Somm | Entrepreneur

Cincinnati, OH


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