Our motto is "start and modify as you go"

Let us help you set your goals in motion. 

Career Coaching

Are you experiencing a transition such as a layoff, return to work after raising children, relocation, a promotion or career change? Is it time to move on?  Do you dread going to work every day? Is the environment toxic? Let's connect! Our coaching plans are tailored to your life circumstances and goals.  Like some of you, Monique has taken time out of the workforce to care for her family and relocated several times while pursuing her own professional goals.  She's a great listener and will partner with you to create a career plan just for you. She is passionate about working with women and would be honored to serve you. Email info@drmcjconsulting to receive a handout with descriptions of the coaching packages available. 

  • The L.E.A.D. Coaching Principles are designed to help you claim what speaks to your heart.  It will take you from exploration to implementation. The principles focus on four key areas: Listen, Embrace, Affirm, Decide.


  •  FREE 30-MINUTE CAREER COACHING CONSULTATION.  Click below to schedule now.

Get Hired Services

We offer a la carte services for those with immediate needs such as a one-time coaching session, resume, interview preparation, and job search assistance.  The one-time coaching session can be centered around topics of your choice such as career management insight, leveling up, navigating the world of work, and networking strategy. It’s your session.  You decide.


Learn more about our "Get Hired" services by visiting our career coaching services page.  If you like what you see and have questions, schedule a free complimentary call here to discuss your needs and how we can work together.

Training/ Speaking

Dr. Johnson has over 20 years of experience in the area of career development, diversity and inclusion, and women’s leadership. Topics range from all things career, implicit bias, women's leadership, and cultural competence.  Invite her to facilitate an interactive, engaging, thought-provoking workshop or to speak at your next networking event, your class, your conference or on a panel.  She believes we are transformed from the inside out, so plan to be inspired.

Diversity Consulting

Is your school or organization struggling with issues related to

diversity and inclusion? Would your organization benefit from the outside perspective of a professional consultant?  We develop interactive programs and initiatives that train, educate, engage,

and support employees, students, and suppliers. We address issues such as workplace culture, recruitment, staffing, equity, 

support systems, morale, and best practices.  After assessing and evaluating your needs, we will create a proposal for your review

which leads to a contract.  Our goal is to partner with your organization in order to achieve optimal results.  Schedule your FREE

CONSULTATION with Dr. Monique below.

Diversity Workplace Audit

An assessment of the organization is completed with the support and awareness of all levels of leadership.  The goal is to identify what is going well and not so well.  Key areas as determined by the organization and consultant will be examined such as employee morale, staffing, complaints, productivity, job satisfaction, and workplace culture to name a few. 

What we believe

  • We believe that diversity benefits everyone.  When embraced, diversity and inclusion provide us with the unique opportunity to engage and learn from one another.  We also believe in equality and supporting opportunities for marginalized and diverse populations to flourish. 

  • Research has shown that organizations benefit from diverse perspectives and innovation which ultimately leads to greater financial gain.


  • Students exposed to more diversity have shown favorable progress academically and socially.


  • Celebrating and acknowledging diversity is essential because the world is diverse.


Let us help you advance in your career or create a culture of belonging.

If you need more information schedule a complimentary call with Dr. Monique C. Johnson to discuss coaching or consulting.  Consulting fees vary based on the project and assignment. 

Email info@drmcjconsulting.com.

Diversity & Inclusion Quick Start Download 

This guide focuses on a key question that an organization should consider prior to creating a diversity and inclusion plan.  Find out what it is by downloading your free quick-start guide. Grab your free copy!

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