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Consulting Services

Diverse, equitable and inclusive organizational cultures promote greater communities, organizations, businesses, and schools.  We partner with you to get results while providing valuable insight along the way.  Our services are tailored to meet your needs.   

Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic planning

Cultural competence

Inclusive workplace culture

Unconscious bias

Employee resource groups

Diversity councils or committees

Student leadership councils

Program development & initiatives

Mentorship and sponsorship

Focus Groups


Qualitative and quantitative assessments



 Career & Leadership Development

Talent acquisition



Employee engagement

Executive coaching

Conflict management

Personal branding

Mentorship and sponsorship

Performance appraisal

Professional development


Women's Leadership

We create data-driven strategies for organizations that produce positive results, engage employees, transform the culture, and retain and recruit top diverse talent. 

The Consultation Process
  • Schedule a no-cost phone consultation with Dr. Monique to learn about our services and to determine if we are a fit.

  • Schedule a Zoom meeting or in-person meeting with Principal Consultant Dr. Monique and your team ( if safe to do so) to discuss your organization's needs in detail if you would like to move forward.

  • We create and submit a proposal designed to meet your organization's goals, objectives, and desired outcomes.

  • Your organization reviews the proposal, makes adjustments if needed, and makes a decision.

  • Follow up by phone with Dr. MCJ Consulting LLC to discuss the proposal.

  • Sign a contractual agreement for services.  

  • Let's get to work! We're excited about our new partnership.

  • Fees vary based on the project and duration.  

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Dr. Monique Johnson is my new best friend! I had the pleasure of working with her this school year as a diversity consultant for our district. Her knowledge and expertise in the field of diversity helped us tackle some challenging and long-standing issues in our district. Her attention to detail and research-based strategies are unmatched! While Dr. Johnson's role in our district was as a consultant, through our work we became personal friends. She was able to advise me on career coaching and pathways and resources for success. Nowadays, everyone is a consultant, or so they think. Until you experience the work and professionalism of Dr. Monique Johnson, you have probably not worked with a true consultant. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Johnson for any position she seeks."

Dr. Kristilynn Turney is the CEO and Founder of Dr. Kristilynn Turney

Former Curriculum & Human Resources/Diversity Director

"Dr. Johnson took a thoughtful and thorough approach to the large task set before her to train our graduate psychology students on facilitating difficult dialogues. Her style of teaching style is relatable and genuine. She brings years of experience leading and developing diversity, equity, and inclusion programs as well as her lived experience and personality. She was dedicated to understanding and helping our organization further develop its mission and vision, setting in motion significant self-reflection amongst trainees and the organization itself. Dr. Johnson laid the groundwork for our organization to work towards developing difficult dialogue events hosted by psychology graduate students. She was responsive to our needs and helped us better understand what our next steps are. I strongly recommend Dr. Johnson if you are looking for a professional to work within developing your next DEI event, program, or series."

Michelle G.

School of Psychology Diversity Advisory Council Member at Xavier University

Are you ready for the journey?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is an ongoing journey.  We can help you navigate the experience at all levels.  Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss how we can meet your needs and to get your questions answered.   

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